The main goal of the company is the creation and design of websites. In the era of ubiquitous computers, the main source of advertising is the internet, and the right page is the window through which the company shows itself on the web. Lusync is on the look out for current trends, offering a comprehensive project that satisfies even the most demanding clients.

The first step is to meet and discuss the goals of the project. Each order is approached individually, I try to find out what are the expectations and how can I meet them. Such meetings are not obligatory, if you would like to meet, talk about details and get to know the offer, please contact me.

On the territory of the TriCity I reach the customers. In other cases, I offer a video conference or remote desktop service.

Once we have decided on our cooperation, we will prepare the first page template. Every page I create is responsive, it means that it is adapted to laptops, tablets and cells. It also offers multi-language support, such as dynamically switching display language I also help with translating into English. Do not forget about the current security certificate, which allows encrypted connection to the page with the  https protocol, this option is also provided.

Whether you need a simple website or an extended website with special functions and animations or an online store, I am able to accomplish it for you. I also help with the configuration or creation of corporate e-mail. Also after the implementation of the project I do not leave the company itself, offering full support with updating the content and appearance of the page or creating regular backups to secure the page from failure.

I invite you to take a look on the projects I have already done, maybe some of them will become an inspiration for you.

Website development is my extra occupation, professionally I am a network administrator and helpdesk manager for hundredes employees. The experience gained through this work allows me to recognize and solve most problems associated with computers and its software, network and its infrastructure and peripherals such as printers.

In my wide range of services I can distinguish among others:

  • PC and laptop configuring
  • Hardware, software and network consultancy
  • Create and manage back up’s
  • Server configuration and modification
  • Create remote access via VPN
  • Building the entire IT network
  • Training staff with computer support
    and much more …

I’m offering both one-off service and comprehensive and permanent cooperation!

Did your computer suddenly stop working?

Did the printer stop printing?

Has the virus attacked the equipment in your company?

Or maybe you need another urgent help?

Do not wait – call!

+48 518 559 518

I am able to help with any problem with computer, IT infrastructure, printer, or other hardware problem.